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About Us

We are a Sydney based agency, specialising in multicultural research and communications.

Our core business is to produce and translate market and social research findings into appropriate and effective communication strategy.

Our name 'etic' means to observe and analyse behaviour objectively, and to distill information in a way that can be used to communicate universally.

We are a culturally diverse team of researchers and communications specialists; we understand the communities we’re researching. This, combined with our professionalism, makes for a rich view of multicultural society.

What We Do

Our evidence based research is geared toward helping clients better understand attitudes and behaviours of multicultural communities, and to use those insights:

  • To inform social policy.
  • To guide government strategy.
  • To Inform and develop culturally appropriate design for social marketing and communications campaigns.
  • To inform market strategy across migrant segments.

Our Philosophy

We have a ‘real world street’ approach, which means – taking research outside the confines of a viewing room; listening to and observing people in their own environment.


Our services include

Developmental research for social marketing strategy
Developmental research for communication strategy
Awareness tracking studies
Program evaluation
Social policy research
Translation and Trans-creation

Research Methodologies

  • Focus groups
  • In-Depth interviews
  • Point-of-Purchase and intercept studies
  • Tracking studies - surveys
  • Face-Face PAPI interviews
  • CATI interviews


We work across public and private sectors, offering government and commercial clients guidance on how to use research effectively in communication strategy for multicultural audiences.

Among the industries we’ve worked across most recently have been the health and building sectors.

Key People

Rana Hadid, Director

Rana is a market and social researcher, with extensive experience in conducting and using evidence based research to inform market and communication strategy.

She specialises in the niche area of multicultural audiences. In her career, Rana has taken the lead on large scale research for government and global brand companies with a focus on hard to reach audiences.

She has been responsible for a range of work including public education campaigns, research evaluation, concept testing, and large scale awareness tracking studies.

A naturally curious person, she is passionate about people and the things that motivate them. As Research Director, Rana helps clients generate and distill findings into clear actionable insights.

She is a full member of the AMSRS (Australian Market and Social Research Society) and an associate member of the PRIA (Public Relations Institute of Australia).

Research Team

Our work is conducted in collaboration with a team of culturally diverse senior research professionals, selected for relevance to each project.


ETIC Consulting Group
Level 26, 44 Market Street, Sydney.

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2000 Australia.
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